新加坡信贷辅导协会(CCS) 你面临债务难题吗?协助你重新掌握你的债务难题!

Credit Counselling Singapore
Facing Financial Problems?
Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS) can help you regain control of your life.

3 Steps to Getting Help

STEP 1: Attend an information talk on debt management
To be eligible for assistance, you must first attend an info talk on what CCS can do for you as well as the various options available to you. The talk is conducted weekly and the information will help you decide what your next step should be.

You can register for the talk online at under 'Sign up Info Talk", or you may call 1800 2255 227.

Mondays - Fridays, 9 am - 6 pm, for assistance.  The talk lasts about 2 hours.

STEP 2: Credit Counselling
Following the talk, if you wish to seek further assistance from CCS, you need to collect a Counselling Session Request Package, complete the form and submit it with photocopies of the required documents to CCS.  We will then call you to set up a one-to-one session to discuss your situation with a credit  counsellor.

Counselling is strictly confidential.  All information provided will not be released to outside parties without your consent.  Our counsellors will be able to help you better understand your situation and discuss the various options available to you.

STEP 3: Set up a Debt Management Programme (DMP)
lf it appears that a debt management programme (DMP) is suitable for you and you decide to choose this option, CCS will then prepare a DMP proposal for your creditors to consider. The DMP option requires lifestyle change and spending habits, as it involves full repayment of your debts to your creditors. The creditors in turn may provide longer repayment terms at a lower interest rate to help you meet the payment plan.  Please note that not everybody will qualify for a DMP.

You are not alone

Mr Ben
I am working as a Manager drawing a salary of $6,000 per  month. Two years ago, almost all the banks who had issued me with credit cards and for many years treated me like a VIP customer, transferred my accounts to their Collection Dept. Some employed lawyers and licenced debt collectors to recover money from me.  I was very stressed. Luckily, I found Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS), who helped me to rationalize my expenses and expenditure and got my DMP proposal accepted by the banks. Now I am still struggling to pay back my debts but at least I can see some light. Four years more and I hope to be free of my credit card debts and bank loans of more than $lOOk. My advice is if you are having "credit card problems", talk to CCS first.

Ms Helen
As a result of my carelessness, my little debt snowballed to a huge amount of $1OOK. I was stressed when my total minimum repayment exceeded my monthly salary. I was really desperate for help and unable to cope. On my own, I tried to approach banks, credit cooperative etc for help, but was unsuccessful.  For almost a year, I struggled desperately. The feeling was terrible. I felt insecure, helpless, hopeless, despised, rejected and a failure. I was overjoyed when I heard of CCS from the media. CCS was very helpful and treated me with respect. They helped me restructure my debts and now I can at least see some light at the end of the tunnel although I have to change my lifestyle drastically.

Ms Grace
I am an executive earning $4,000 per month. My problem started when my second brother started gambling and borrowed about $100K from loan sharks. I lent him my savings to pay the loan sharks, his phone bills, etc. Then he disappeared leaving me alone to shoulder the household expenses and take care of our father. My debts started to escalate and in the end, I started defaulting on my creditcards. Everyday, banks called chasing for payment. I also received lawyer's letters. At one stage, I really thought of committing suicide as I did not know who to turn to for help.

Luckily I approached CCS and they helped me get a DMP from the banks and now I can manage with the monthly repayments.

Who can we help?
CCS can help if you have unsecured debt problems arising from multiple credit cards and credit lines usage.

Our credit counsellors will discuss with you on a confidential basis your financial situation taking into account your income,expenses and outstanding debts. There are various options available to debt distressed individuals.  You will get a better idea of the advantages and disadvantages of each option; and you will be able to make informed and rationale decisions after our counselling session.

So come to CCS to find out more.  Don't worry and despair on your own.

You are not alone. We can help.

About CCS
CCS is a credit counselling organisation that helps individuals gain control of runaway debt problems. It is an independent non government organisation and is a registered Charity. Among its many supporters are the Subordinated Courts, The Association of Banks in Singapore, and other concerned organisations in Singapore.

Please visit "Events & News" at for public education talks and activities conducted by CCS.

CCS also conducts credit/money management talks, seminars or workshops for corporate institutions, community groups, schools and private clubs at a fee. For more information, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 6338 2663

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第一步: 协助你处理债务问题讲座

长达2个小时的讲座于每周举行一次,你可上网 ( Sign up Info Talk) 登记,或于星期一至五上午9时至下午6时




如果辅导结果显示你符合债务偿还计划所列的条件, CCS将为你拟定一份债务偿还计划书以呈交有关债权人来审理,说服债权人延长偿还债务的期限,甚至是降低贷款利息来帮助你完成偿还债务计划。



我是一名经理,每月工资是六千元。两年前,几乎所有发给我信用卡并待我如贵宾的银行都将我的账户转到收帐部门(Collection Dept)。一些甚至聘请律师及有执照的收债者来向我追债,增添我的压力。幸亏有新加坡信贷辅导协会(CCS)帮我重新调整我的花费和支出,并说服了各个 银行接纳CCS为我拟定的债务偿还计划(DMP)。尽管我还在为偿还债务而挣扎,但至少我已看到一线曙光。我希望能在四年内还清超过十万元的信用卡债务和 银行贷款.回到“无债一身轻”的生活。我的忠告是,如果你有任何信用卡债务问题.要尽早联络CCS以寻求协助。

一个不留心,我的欠款像滚雪球般累计达十万元。当我发现我的薪金已不能应付每月需付的最低款额,我倍感压力而急需得到援助却不得要领。我向银行及信贷公司求 助,但是都不成功。我在不安、无助与绝望中挣扎了一年的时光。遭人藐视排斥及那股拙折感也令我感到难受。当我从媒体获知有关CCS这个求助管道,我十分欣 慰。CCS帮我重组我的债务,加上他们对我的热诚和尊重,让我看到黑暗中展露了曙光。当然,大幅度的生活方式调整是在所难免的。

我是一名月入$4,000的执行员。我的问题是从我弟弟开始赌博并欠下大耳窿近十万元而起的。我用了毕生的储蓄来帮他还债,甚至包括他的电话费。  可是他竟然失踪,留下我一人承担全家的开销与照顾父亲。我的债务开始迅速增加,最终演变成拖欠卡债。银行每天打电话催促我付钱,也收到许多律师来信警告。 由于求助无门,我曾经想过自杀了事。幸好我联络上CCS.  他们为我争取到经银行同意的债务偿还计划(DMP).所以我现在才能够应付每月的债务分期付款。







欲知CCS所举办的公众教育讲座与活动详情,请上网 (Events & News)查询。

CCS也在收费制度下为各公司、机构、基层团体、学校和私人俱乐部等举办个人信贷与理财的讲座及工作坊。请电邮This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 或拨打专线6338-2663.以询问详情。

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